Friday, December 28, 2012

Writing Resolution - No Gym Membership Required

Ah, New Year's, one of my least favorite holidays. Not sure why really. It's supposed to represent new beginnings, and the hope that this year will be better than the last. It could be that I already miss Christmas and New Year's Day is just a reminder that next Christmas is a long way off.  I did try the party thing for a few years, but since I'm not especially social, I would usually hide in a corner with a plate full of cocktail weenies and a beer hissing at anyone who tried to talk to me. Probably not the best idea.

New Year's is also the time to fail at resolutions. I tend to be a little competitive, so I hate failing - or as I call it "losing." Every year I have the best intentions to stick to with my goals, and every year I lose. My resolutions usually involve losing weight and getting healthier, so yeah, I basically set myself up to fail. The gym ads have already started on television with lots of great specials to start off the year. That's why they make you sign a contract to pay for at least twelve months because they know they won't see you after January.

So what should I do this year? Pass on the resolutions? You'd think as a Behavior Analyst I could change my own behavior, but I don't always listen to me when it comes to self discipline. Same reason doctors make the worst patients, I guess.

I've decided to pass on the weight thing this year and focus on writing. A novel idea since I'm a writer. As I stated in earlier blogs, I have been bogged down with promo stuff since publishing my first book, and it has been a time sucking problem ever since. My WIPs are suffering, and I have not done a decent amount of writing in months. I don't have a lot of free time; and when I do, I'm often too tired to write. Let's face it, Facebook and Twitter stuff is a lot easier than writing.

So my goal for this year is to write before I get onto Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc. I've tried it this week, and I have already finished more than 7 chapters including starting the third book of my Dion series. If I stick with it, I figure I have the potential to write 365 chapters in 2013. That's a lot of books. Goals are easier to accomplish if you have friends, so you can help. If you see me on Facebook or Twitter, ask me if I've written my chapter first! If I haven't, tell me to get busy!  

What's your New Year's resolution?


  1. *note to self: approach Michelle carefully in social settings, preferably by bringing her more cocktail food and beer*
    Happy New Year, my friend. Yes, I realize you miss Christmas already, but it's the next holiday, so we must give it its due. *laughs* We're not big party people here either. The 31st is my wife's birthday (Don't tell her I told you she still has those - she's a bit older than me, so I can get in big trouble for it), so we'll see a movie and have dinner, and then watch the ball drop at home.
    I would back off on promotion, my friend and focus on writing. I'm to the point now where I'm realizing that all that stuff amounts to very little. I plan to focus on writing and continuing to work out on my treadmill in 2013. It's all the cocktail food and beer, you see. ;)


    1. You can join me in my corner, Jimmy. I promise I won't hiss at you especially if you come bearing food and

      A birthday is a great reason to celebrate! Tell her happy birthday for me! Or happy 29 again. That's my favorite one.

      Now that the kids are older, they like being able to stay up until midnight, so we will be partying at home :D I might even share my cocktail weenies.

  2. I'm not a fan of New Year's either. It's always seemed a nothing kind of holiday to me - not that this means I want anyone to take my public holiday away! But there's the other down side - it's usually back to work after New Year, and in fact I'll be back in the office on Wednesday. Sad. I'd want this holiday to last forever, if only that also didn't mean I'd be pregnant forever.

    I don't make New Year's resolutions. Haven't done in a long time. I think perhaps because I think it's perfectly acceptable, sensible, even, to make a resolution at anytime of the year and stick to it.

    1. That's true Ciara, the end of this holiday signifies back to work and school. Yuck. That does make me wish it would last longer - not your pregnancy though. I wouldn't do that to you :)