Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Fun with Michael Shinafelt!

It's time for one of my favorite annual traditions. Fellow horror fan Michael Shinafelt invited me for a fun Halloween interview on his blog a few years ago, and since then, we have been having a great time grilling each other every October. You can read his interview with me HERE.

1. I know I'm stealing your question here, but I have to know...what kind of freak would you be?
Lobster Boy could be fun, if you get my drift... 

2. Would you rather walk around in a graveyard after midnight, or spend the night in a haunted house?
Oh, walk around in a graveyard all the way!!! Have you ever seen the devil dance in the pale moonlight? Come see me in the graveyard after midnight sometime.

3. Are you a trick or treat kind of person?
Oh, that's easy...Tricks!!! Any kind, anywhere, anytime, Boo-Yah!

4. If you could do a remake of any horror movie and play the monster, which one would you choose and who would be your supporting cast?
I would want to be the character of Miriam Blaylock in The Hunger. Obviously they would have to give the character a sex change in the re-make as I don't do drag. But I would love to be sexy, evil and drink lots of blood. Then I would have to have two lovers one of each sex so that would be basically who would I want to make out and get naked with. I choose Rosario Dawson & Gerard Butler as my paramours. (M.E. - Good call!)

5. Who gets your vote for the worst job in a horror movie?
a. The babysitter
b. Local law enforcement
c. Horny teen lovers
d. Chick who falls
e. Priest
Horny teens, my suspicion is The Vatican finances horror movies to promote abstinence. (M.E. - You could be onto something.)

6. In the next big horror flick to be filmed, you can choose your role...good guy or monster?
That's a no brainer, the monster, c'mon you knew that answer when you asked the question. (M.E. - True, I did know the answer to this one. Heehee)

7. Favorite snack/drink when you're watching a horror movie marathon?
A nice Cabernet Sauvignon and jalapeno popcorn.

8. We're both fans of American Horror Story, which season would you least like to be stuck in? (Mine is The Asylum, although Freak Show is gaining ground).
Freak Show is gaining ground, but I would have to concur with you on Asylum. Coven would be a close second as it was just too silly and campy for my tastes. All that lame dialogue and lack of continuity would make Michael a very dull boy. (M.E. - That clown is just wrong.)

9. I love to read your interviews. If you could interview anyone in the horror industry, who would it be?

Paging Jamie Lee Curtis! My favorite horror movie of all time is Halloween and Jamie Lee held the Scream Queen tierra in the 80's for a spell with other horror opuses such as Prom Night & Terror Train. Hey Jamie Lee if you are reading this contact me. (M.E. - YES!)


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