Sunday, April 3, 2016

Write Like A Wizard April Blog Hop

Welcome to the Write Like a Wizard April Blog Hop! Visit each blog for a chance to win an ecopy of the books the characters are from, AND a Amazon GCs! See details after the interview with my character, Hannah, from The Rustler's Daugher.

Q: Where are you from?
A: I'm from Virginia.
Q: Where do you live now?
A: After my mother died, I went to live with my father and brother in Folsom, California.
Q: How old are you?
A: I'm 18 years old.
Q: What do your parents do?
A: My mother lived with family while she was raising me, and I found out that my father owned a ranch.
Q: How many children do I have?
A: None yet *blushing*, but I'd love to have children.
Q: Tell us about your closest friends.
A: Since I arrived in Folsom, I've made friends with our neighbors, the Scott brothers. I've also become friends with the Carter family in town. I'm especially close with their daughter, Lilly.
Q: Any secrets you want to share with us?
A: I think Lilly is sweet on Matthew Scott, but she hasn't told him, not directly anyway.
Q: Describe one moment that you feared for your life or your way of life?
A: There was a man in town who was very forward with me. The Scott brothers scared him off, but he followed me back to the ranch and tried to hurt me. I was terrified.
Q: Is there a love interest we should know about?
A: I've fallen deeply in love with Jackson Scott.
Q: Anything else you want people out there to know?
A: When everything in your life seems to be lost, don't give up. Love can save you.

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