Saturday, October 24, 2020

Halloween Time with Michael Shinafelt!

It's almost here! Can't believe it's been a year since my last post. I'm always grateful for the Halloween exchange I do annually with my fellow horror buddy and entertainment blogger, Michael Shinafelt. You can read his interview with me here. It's one of the traditions I really look forward to. 

Q: Besides our blog, is there another Halloween tradition you would hate to miss?

A: Having pizza & wine watching horror movies at home, oh wait... 

Q: What was your most creative costume ever? 

A: My Devil costume. It was my version of Satan, as a Leather Daddy with eyeliner, who wields a mean riding crop. 

Q: I love sharing our mutual appreciation for Gerard Butler, but who would you cast for Dracula 2020? 

A: Tom Hardy. Have you seen him in Mad Max Fury Road? Literally all of his sex appeal was on display in Taboo, oh yeah!!!

Q: Coming soon (but not too soon apparently): I know we're both looking forward to Halloween Kills, but what other horror movie are you looking forward to? 

A: The Conjuring 3. The first two Conjuring films, were solid and well made. They both even had genuinely creepy parts in them. The spin-offs from the Conjuring universe however...I'll plead the fifth.

Q: Celebrity Death Match - Horror Version: Bela Lugosi vs. Vincent Price. Who wins? 

A: Damn you! How dare you make me choose! I met Vincent Price once, he was meeting and greeting fans at a 3-D revival screening of House of Wax in Los Angeles. Bela portrayed my favorite horror icon ever, Dracula. I'll go with Vincent only because it was amazing meeting a living horror legend and he was the nicest person.

Q: What would Freddy think if he showed up in one of your dreams? 

A: He would most likely break out his favorite lube based on his bent in Nightmare on Elm Street 2 

Q: Old school game time: F"riend"-Marry-Kill: Dracula, Wolfman, Frankenstein 

A: Easy Peasy, I would marry Dracula because I would live forever and you know the sex would never get boring. I'd kill the Wolfman, seriously what purpose does he really serve?! I would F”riend” Frankenstein, once, it would be electric!

(Because you're my friend, Michael - Hot Frankenstein)

Q: What haunted location would you love to spend the night at? 

A: Although I have been to the Hollywood Roosevelt I have never explored the haunted side of it. I hear Marilyn Monroe's ghost has been know to appear there. I would love to meet her.

Q: Best pandemic look 2020: Hannibal's muzzle, Michael Myers, Samara's hair? 

A: Hannibal for the win! I thought about going with Michael because, hey, he wears a perpetual mask. But Hannibal's look is generic, it doesn't look like William Shatner's face.

Q: Finally - If you were a witch what (or who) would be your familiar? 

A: Stevie Nick's – what better familiar for a witch. Rihannon recommended her to me.

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