Thursday, January 19, 2012

Speak Out Against Bullying!

My dear #cyberbud K.C. Neal was recently overwhelmed by the horrible experience of a fellow author, Katie (K.M. Parr). She recently released her first novel and someone she knew started bullying her online, mocking her accomplishment. K.C. had just released her first novel as well and couldn't imagine what it would be like to have such a negative experience associated with it.

Together, the two women decided to join forces and rally bloggers to speak out against bullying on February 3, 2012. They are calling their campaign Share <3, Not Hate. I have already signed up and am more than happy to join this amazing cause. I urge you to help out. If you have a blog, sign up here. If you don't have a blog, you can still help. Follow the sign up link to K.C.'s blog and find the list of participating bloggers. On February 3rd, go to those blogs and show your support by leaving comments of encouragement or take the opportunity to share your story.

Many of you may know that in October, I also wrote a blog called Kill the Beast - Bullying in Schools about my daughter's recent experience. My daughter found my blog and left the most amazing comment. I was overwhelmed by the response to that blog both in the comments section and on Twitter. So many people contacted me to offer their support and to share their stories about how bullying has touched their lives and how those scars can last long after we leave the playground.

Let's show our support for Katie and for others whose lives have been forever changed by the cruelty of another. Lets Spread <3, Not Hate!! Please join us!

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