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Blog Tour: Interview with Ian Murphy from Chael's Luck by Mireille Chester

            Welcome to this stop in the blog tour for Chael’s Luck by the amazing Mireille Chester (see links at the end of the interview). As with the other stops on the tour, I will be giving away a free ebook of Chael’s Luck. It’s easy to enter, just leave your name and email address in the comments section at the bottom. If you don’t win, don’t worry. Everyone who doesn’t win an ebook will be entered into a larger giveaway at the end of the blog tour. There will be more ebooks and swag packages!! So don’t miss out!

            I am very excited! Today I have a special guest from Chael’s Luck. After reading it, I fell in love with Ian Murphy, and Mireille was kind enough to arrange an interview. I’d like to welcome Ian to my blog today. He has been gracious enough to take some time out of the busy blog tour schedule to sit down and talk with me.

Me: Thank you for coming Ian.

Ian: Thank you for having me Michelle.

Me: How is the blog tour going?

Ian: It’s going great. Quite a few of us have been interviewed, which is sort of mind blowing…I mean, it’s kind of hard to believe that anyone would be so interested in our story. It’s very exciting.

Me: Well I am very interested in learning more about your story. Tell me a little more about your childhood. We see you as an adult, and I was curious about your training to become a knight. Was it similar to what we see with Chael and the others?

Ian: I supposed my childhood was fairly typical. I have two brothers, both older than me. Because our father is a Knight of Dorathan, we have the privilege of becoming Knights as well. It’s tradition. If you are born to a family of Knights, you become one also. Training to become a knight is a grueling process. We learned to fight with swords, staffs, bows and arrow. We also had to prove we were adept horsemen. As to whether or not my training compared to Chael’s or the rest of the lads, I’d have to say yes. Where some of the training differed was if someone was training to be a Shadow Knight. Shadows are the elite of the Knights. They do most of the special runs and are asked to brave the more dangerous missions. I was training to be a Shadow, just as Chael was.

Me: You have two brothers? Do they look like you? Uh, I mean, you gave all of that up for moral reasons. That must have been difficult.

Ian: Actually, we do all sort of look the same. We all look like my father; you know, the dark blonde hair and the grey eyes. As for why I gave up the Knighthood, yes. It was hard to simply walk away from something I had spend thirteen years of my life training for. I’d been picked to take the Shadow Knight’s challenge, which is one of the greatest honors for a Knight. However, after witnessing the unfairness I had, I simply couldn’t go through with it. How was it possible that an organization such as this could punish a starving child for trying to feed himself? I couldn’t go through with it. For as much as it tore me apart, for as much as it hurt my family, I just couldn’t. I had to walk away.

Me: Yes, your family didn’t take it very well, especially your father. That must have been very painful for you.

Ian: It was. I remember how he looked the day they announced the candidates for the Shadow Knights; he was so proud. When I walked away from the tournament, he was crushed. In a way, I don’t blame him for disowning me. And yet, somehow, I thought he might understand. He always preached about honor and fairness…I’m not sure how to explain how I felt when he told me I was no longer a part of the family. That’s why I left. It was the best way for everyone.

Me: You look sad. Do you need a hug? I don’t mind at all.

Ian: I can always use a hug. Especially from a beautiful woman. <grins> Your husband won’t mind?

Me: <blushing> You’re a charmer Mr. Murphy. I bet you are a big hit with the ladies.

Ian: I honestly wouldn’t know. I’ve been living in the woods for five years, you know.

Me: Handsome and humble. You’re very talented too. You know how to take care of wounds and even cook.

Ian: <laughing> Wounds I can take care of. If you’re looking for burnt bacon, I can do that also.

Me: I like burnt bacon <winks> and you chop wood.

Ian: Yes, well, I will admit I can chop some mean firewood. <flashes crooked grin>

Me: I love to watch a man chop wood. <sigh> Ok, let’s take a break and have some fun.

Ian: Sounds good.

Me: There are some pretty amazing characters in Chael’s Luck. In an epic battle between a wood elf, a goblin, a flame spirit, and a barbarian who would you put your money on?

Ian: Flame spirit. They have no mercy and as far as I know, nothing can kill them. Also, anything they touch burns…not much can survive that.

Me: What’s your idea of a perfect date?

Ian: My perfect date would involve a moonlit ride through the desert. There is nothing quiet as peaceful and breathtaking as the sand blanketed in the silver of light of the full moon. I’d make sure we were close to the Wood Elves’ sea as well. A warm blanket to sit on and a flask of ale. Yes, I do believe that would be perfect.

Me: YES! <clears throat> I mean that sounds wonderful. On a more personal level…boxers or briefs?

Ian: Ummm…well, neither. I’m out in the woods most of the time. It’s just simpler to have less clothes to wash, really.

Me: <stare, blink, blink, blush> I’m only asking for the female fans out there of course.

Ian: Of course. <grins>

Me: Not that I’m curious or anything.

Ian: Really? Because I have to say, you’re a tad bit flush at the moment…

Me: Uh, well, that’s all the time we have. Ian, thanks again for stopping by. You did get my text right? So you have my number. Keep that between us. I don’t want Mireille to get jealous.

Ian: <laughs> It’s our little secret. Of course, you never know…Mireille might be willing to share. You’ll have to ask her yourself, yeah?

Me: I just might do that <laugh>

My gratitude to Ian Murphy for stopping by and to Mireille for setting up the interview and for “sharing” Ian with me. He cooks, makes coffee and chops wood and looks damn good doing it. If you would like to learn more about Ian, pick up a copy of Chael’s Luck. It’s available on Amazon and Smashwords. Keep in touch with Mireille Chester at her blog, on Facebook, and Twitter @MireilleChester.

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  1. Interesting insight into the writer. Thanks for sharing, Ian. And great questions, Michelle! Enjoyed.