Monday, May 7, 2012

Still Here: Guest Post by River Jordan

I am a big fan of the amazingly talented River Jordan. In
addition to her published stories, she is an incredible poet. I
was so happy when she agreed to do a guest post here and
share one of her poems with us. Check out the links at the
end of this post to connect with River and check out her
published work.

Hello friends, I am honored to be a guest here on M.E.
Franco, Author!  I would like to thank my very talented and
creative friend, blogista and author Michelle Franco, for
graciously allowing me to showcase a bit of my poetry on her

Like Michelle, I am a published author.  I write science
fiction/adventure stories under the name K.R. Jordan.  Who
knew that after all these years this vivid imagination of mine
would manifest itself into the written word?  I most certainly
did not. 

Recently, my sweet little netbook died and so I have had to
actually write…you know, with a pen or pencil.  I hear your
collective gasp, but I’m enjoying it all in the extreme!  I love
the feel of the pen…tangible, grasped lightly in my hand.  My
mind enjoys the sleek smooth feel of the rolling ball against
the paper as I write. A ballet of movement as my hand forms
the letters, grouping them together to form words, sentences
and paragraphs; the eloquent strokes communicating
meaning to my brain and then to yours!

I must say, though writing stories is my passion, I have had a
long standing love affair with poetry.  My current “affair” is
with the sonnet, a form of poetry made popular by William
Shakespeare.  Please enjoy!

Still Here by K.R. Jordan
The early morning silence fills the dark;
A star filled sky, horizon stretching wide;

Zephyric winds blow steady as I walk;

Each step closer tortures, crumbles my pride.

Shore before me now, Matagorda Bay;

Thoughts bombard…you sit there, reading L’Amour;

The jetties beneath, dawns’ horizon gray;

Moonprints, forgotten tears across the shore.

Memory’s the villain here, stop and breathe;

I see you in my mind, there mending shrimp nets;

Brick walls rise, refusing my right to grieve;

Killing inch by inch with sadness, regrets.

Delfinare break the surface, soul sings.
Sunrise’s secret…purple smile, hope brings.

Connect with K.R. Jordan (River Jordan) here:
You can find her published work here:


  1. Great sonnet! Will be reading more from this author :-)

    1. Yay! Thanks Ben! Can't wait to have you on here :D