Friday, May 4, 2012

I Got the Liebster Blog Award!

When I came back from vacation, I was surprised to find out that I had been given the Liebster Blog award by the fabulous Ingrid Michaels. I was so excited! Ingrid is a romance author who has several books available including her newest release Bahdria: A Love Story. Check out her blog and books here and be sure to watch her awesome book trailers. Thanks Ingrid!! :)

I never miss a chance to share blog love - Here are the wonderful authors I would like to pass this award on to.

Michael K. Rose - He is the author of a whole lotta books. Check them out on his blog.

Matthew W. Turcotte - Great blog on pop culture.

Roberta J. Gordon - Watch for the release of her book Gemini Witching: Elements 101 later this month!

Dianne Solberg - Sci-fi, Fantasy, Humor, and Life in general.

Damien Boath - A great place for writers. Don't forget to check out the featured podcasts!

To accept the award, please follow these rules:

1. Show thanks to the blogger who awarded you by linking back to their blog.

2. Pick 5 blogs with less than 200 followers and let them know about your nomination by leaving a comment on their blog.

3. Post the award on your blog.

Ta da! That's all there is to it.