Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Got A Ninja For Christmas!

Every year at work, the employees usually decided to do a Secret Santa thing. I always hated it. Not because I didn't like the Secret Santa idea, but I was a supervisor; and everyone seemed intimidated if they got my name. That either meant I got showered with gifts from a paranoid employee, which made me feel bad; or I got nothing from a disgruntled one. Either way, not fun. This particular year, they voted to get a small gift for every day of the week - Monday through Friday, five gifts.

I happen to be quite a Christmas freak, so I was really hoping that this year might be different. I tried not to, but I couldn't help getting caught up in the fun while I was out picking out five gifts to surprise my person. Maybe this year I would get a good Secret Santa. It could happen. On Monday morning, I snuck my gift into my person's box. Of course, I acted cool when I checked my box. You know, like I wasn't excited.

Day one: Nothing. Maybe my Santa was busy and forgot.

Day two: Nothing. Ok, now I'm worried I got a bum Santa.

Day three: Nothing. Now I know I have a bum Santa. Definitely a disgruntled employee.

Day four: Want to check but not sure if I can handle another day of disappointment. Nothing. Sigh.

Day five: What?! I am completely surprised to find a small, nicely wrapped package in my box from my Secret Santa. So maybe my Santa isn't a total Grinch.

I am so excited. Maybe my Santa saved up for one really awesome gift instead of five small ones. Several employees are in the office, so I can't go crazy and rip the paper off in my excitement. I open it slowly...and immediately put on my "Happy" face, so no one can see what I'm really thinking, which is "This must be a joke." What I unwrapped was a tiny Lego kit. It was a Lego ninja complete with a set of weapons and a little wagon to carry them.
I smiled and laughed like it was cute. Then I went in my office and closed the door. I set the little ninja box on my desk. Seriously? Why in the world would someone get me a Lego ninja? I'm a grown woman. I'm the administrator of several important programs. Obviously this person doesn't know me at all. I tried to keep calm and just write it off as another stupid Secret Santa year.

I went back to my computer to finish some paperwork. Then, I looked at the ninja box, back to the computer, ninja box, computer, ninja box. Ok, maybe I might look inside for a minute just to see what parts are in there. I mean, I don't want to be rude. Someone did go to the trouble to pick it out for me. Next thing you know, I have my ninja fully assembled and holding on to his tiny sword. Good thing my door was closed because I was hopping my little ninja around my desk saying "Hi-yah!" and practicing some vicious kicks. I tried out the other weapons as well.

I moved things aside to make room in the middle of my desk for my new best friend, Lego ninja. He had a place of honor right next to my computer. Whenever my employees made a mistake, they would find him on their desks. They knew I had sent my ninja after them, and they had to bring him back to me.

My Secret Santa never came forward that year. Maybe he/she was afraid of the backlash from the other employees for unleashing my inner ninja. Yeah, I still have him. So if you find a Lego ninja on your desk, you know what to do. Hi-yah!

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