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Where Will You Hide? Release News & ARC Reviews

I can’t believe the release date for Where Will You Hide is 7/21/12! I didn’t think I would be as excited this time around, but I think I am even more so. Now that I am a little more comfortable with the process of self publishing, I know what to expect and was able to stress even more…lol. I sent out some ARCs for early reviews and was absolutely thrilled by the feedback I received. I wanted to share the reviews with you as well as a special announcement, so be sure to check at the end of the blog for the news! I even added mood music :)


“I read the first novel in this series, Where Will You Run? by author M. E. Franco when it first came out and became a fast fan of the series. Recently, the author finished Where Will You Hide? and of course I raised my hand to be given the opportunity to read it.

Though I am always extremely busy with work, family, and my own writing, I have to confess that from the moment I picked up the book I could not put it down. So there I was at twelve midnight reading, knowing that I had to go to work in five hours and literally had to force myself to put it down! That first night I read more than half the book.

Right from the beginning the excitement boils with a sneak peak at the history of Reinn. Then we travel through time to the present day and meet our fiery new heroine, Kylee, an independent young woman who knows what she wants!

The intensity continues as we join our captivating supernatural team. True to form their banter mixes beautifully with the powerful action and adventure of this awesome sequel!

All of the characters are well rounded and deeply alluring! In my opinion, if you’re looking for a unique action packed novel, then look no further. The events that transpire will blow your mind!

I give Where Will You Hide? a rating of 5 of 5 stars!”

~K.R. Jordan, contributing author to Dark Light and Red Wine

“When I read “Where Will You Run?” several months ago I could not wait to see how M.E. Franco would continue Mari’s story. Mari had some heartaches, discoveries and ended up HEA, but did she? I was excited to learn recently that M.E. announced Where Will You Hide? will be scheduled for release soon.

In the new installment of the Dion Series we find Mari learning a few new skills to deal with her new reality, while lamenting over recent misadventures that led her to her current state of being. She finds she is still basically the same old Mari but now she’s living with the love of her life. Tensions remain high due to her need to be in constant control. Mari wants justice for her sister’s death. The need for justice is overshadowed by her consuming desire for retaliation causing the love of her life to question her ability to play as a team member for the Dion. Mari learns that her ideals aren’t something that changes even though her world has turned upside down, and it puts a strain on her relationship. She wants to do the right thing, but is her idea of the right actions to take going to help or hinder the team and her love?

This book has us leaving the original book setting of San Francisco and traveling to exciting new locales throughout the world. We are introduced to new characters and beings that will have you hanging on the edge of your seat. One such character, Kylee, spices things up with her adventurous spirit and her ability to leave not only other characters speechless, but the reader as well. Reinn is another character who will take your breath away not only in actions but his presence, or well maybe lack there off. As in the first book, M.E. has created characters that are vivid and seem to spring off the pages into life.

The plot for The Dion as well as Mari’s life thickens as new antagonists are revealed that will continue into the third installment. M.E.’s style of leading you to a ledge and feeling like you are about to jump off then picking up another characters story line is well timed and carefully plotted. I enjoy her weaving so many characters lives together and painting a final scene that everyone will not soon forget. Kudos M.E. on another success! “

~Roberta J. Gordon, author of Gemini Witching: Elements 101

“M.E. Franco’s Where Will You Hide? Book 2 of The Díon Series starts out with a bang and doesn’t let you rest until the final page. Franco has written an emotionally charged and explosive follow-up to her Where Will You Run?, Book One of the same series. With the return of her beloved cast of characters, she introduces the reader to a whole new type of vampire you’ll quickly root for as well as other supernatural beings. She easily sucks you in with vampire folk lore, suspense, betrayal and, of course, romance. M.E. Franco’s Where Will You Hide: Book 2 of The Dion Series is a must read!!”

~Shelbi Stoecklin

“M. E. Franco does it again with Where Will You Hide? It left me speechless, blushing, laughing out loud and wanting more. The second book in the Díon series was the perfect counterpart to Where Will You Run? with new and exciting characters. I fell in love with Reinn and Kylee. Their complex personalities and story lines add so much to the book, I felt like I knew them personally. Fans won’t be disappointed, Raith and Mari are as funny and sexy as ever! Where Will You Hide? was full of twists and suspense that had me reading all night and when I had finished, I was craving another book. M. E. Franco is a talented writer who really knows the supernatural genre, and I love the world she has created. I look forward to more books from the Díon series and definitely more Reinn!”

~Melanie Gallagher

“M. E. Franco returns with the second book in the Díon series Where Will You Hide? The first book Where Will You Run?, introduced us to a rich cast of characters in a supernatural world filled with intense danger and passion. The second installment has all these same qualities and some new players to round out the Díon team. A page turner from the start, Where Will You Hide? will have you on the edge of your seat through more twists than its predecessor. It is the perfect combination of action and romance sure to leave the reader both breathless and blushing at times. I’ve quickly become a fan of M. E. Franco, and cannot wait for the third installment of the Díon series. Where Will You Hide? is guaranteed to leave you wanting for more from this talented new writer.”

~Tracey Middlemas

Ok, now for the special announcement (drum roll): To celebrate the release of Where Will You Hide? I will be offering the first book in the Díon series, Where Will You Run?, for free on 7/23 and 7/24. I know, I’m not supposed to tell you ahead of time, but I figure if you take the time out to read my blog, you deserve special treatment. Also, Where Will You Hide? is already live on Amazon. Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!

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