Friday, July 12, 2013

Real Life Romance

You all know I’m a sucker for romance, so imagine my delight when I learned a family member had a wonderful story to tell.

My dad’s brother was an amazing human being. He was a gigantic, fun loving man. I remember when he used to have me and my brother lock our hands over his biceps, and he’d lift us up and spin us while we laughed hysterically. His wife was a quiet woman who was deeply devoted to her faith and her family. They had three amazing children together and lived a wonderful life in Southern California.

Many years ago, my uncle had a heart attack. The paramedics were able to bring him back, but they believed he was dead for some time. At the hospital, they asked my aunt what she wanted to do. She was unable to sign the papers that would have taken him off life support. Oddly enough, he started to improve, and was taken off life support. He eventually woke up, but he was not the person he was before. The damage to his brain had left him childlike, including fits of aggression. My aunt brought him home and with the help of their kids, she took care of him until heart disease eventually took his life. After his passing, my aunt focused on her family, work, and church. 

I hadn’t seen my aunt in many years when she called me out of the blue the other day. She said it was on her heart to see my dad and wanted to know if she could visit. I told her we would love to see her. She said she was bringing her mother, and she had…met someone. I was so excited for her. Their story is amazing.

They were high school sweethearts before she met my uncle. They were deeply in love, but he left her to join the seminary. She was heart broken. Very recently, they met up again at their high school reunion. His wife had passed away last year. They started talking and decided to keep seeing each other.

They both looked so happy. It was wonderful to see my aunt smiling and blushing. He is a wonderful man. I really enjoyed talking to him, and my cousins like him as well. My aunt's mom cracked me up. She said that he could only break her daughter’s heart once. So she was giving him one more chance to make it right. I’m betting he will. I’m wishing them both a happily ever after!

If you have a romantic story, please share! I’d love to hear it.


  1. How sweet! Thanks for sharing that.
    Hello, stranger. How have you been? I'm sorry I've been away for so long, but my schedule has only gotten worse this year. *sigh* Anyway, things are good. I've just been super busy. Hopefully things will calm down a bit soon and I can resume my visits a bit more frequently. Have a good week.


    1. Thanks Jimmy! I figured you were crazy busy. Good to see you and best of luck with your book tour for Seeing Ghosts!