Monday, July 29, 2013

The Chocolate Bar I'd Kill For

Awhile ago, my friend, Shelbi, and I were visiting my sister. One night, they had invited some friends over for dinner. It wasn't long after Halloween, so after we ate, they brought out the left over candy bars, and we all started picking out our old favorites.

My brother-in-law is from Ireland, and his brother had just come back from England with some chocolate from there. I was surprised that the company names of the bars were familiar, but not the chocolate bars themselves. Why would companies like Nestle and Cadbury keep certain types of chocolate bars from us?

We took turns sampling the different candy bars, and they were very tasty. Then he brought out a Boost bar by Cadbury. I took one bite, and my hand gripped tighter around it as I chewed. Everyone else was talking about the other bars, but they hadn't yet tasted this little slice of heaven. I considered shoving the whole thing in my mouth, but Shelbi started looking at me and waving her hand for me to pass the Boost bar to her for a taste. I smiled and handed it over begrudgingly.

All it took was one bite, and she had the same desperate look that I did. "How can I hog this whole bar for myself?" By then, we were starting to draw attention from the rest of the group who noticed the introduction of the new candy bar. Shelbi was forced to pass it on, and we watched longingly as, one by one, the Boost bar infected each of us.

We all tried to play it cool, like it didn't matter if we were able to get a second bite. We kept talking a chatting pleasantly, but all eyes were on the Boost bar as it made the rounds. Everyone was secretly wondering if there was enough of the bar to make it around the table twice.

Then someone made the mistake of asking if there was another one. In slow motion, my brother-in-law said "Noooooooo." That was it. We all started to turn on each other. Monitoring how much each person bit off the bar. It got ugly. I wondered if I could snatch what was left and lick the whole thing before anyone could jump on me.

I was on one side of the table with my sister and Shelbi. I could probably get past my sister (she's small). Shelbi has back problems and can't run, but I would have to take her cane with me, so she couldn't hit me or hook me before I got out of range. Glancing around the table, I could tell by the looks on everyone's faces that they were also making their own Boost getaway plans.

When the last of the Boost bar was finally gone, it took the joy of the party with it. We all missed the Boost bar and knowing we couldn't get it here in the US only made it worse. All the chocolate in the middle of the table had lost its appeal.

But all is not lost! Thanks to the internet, Boost bars can be shipped right to my house! Ha ha Cadbury, your evil plan didn't work, or maybe it did...

My son wanted you all to know he did the picture for me. Yes, I'm officially old. I asked my kid to do something on the computer because I didn't know how. Hey, at least I can work the DVR. Usually.


  1. I still think you had more than me!! That's nearly enough to destroy an 11 year friendship!!!

  2. Hahaha! I just love Boost bars, Michelle. Definitely to kill for! Great post.

    1. You're so lucky Jane! You can just go to the store and buy them. I need to ask Cadbury to share Boost bars with the rest of the world.