Friday, May 31, 2013

Cover Reveal - Where Will You Hide?

I am so excited! The new cover for Where Will You Hide? is here! This cover grabbed me the first time I saw it. Something about the look on his face and his blue eyes reminded me of Reinn. This book is the second one in my Díon series, and I’m hoping to have the third one out this summer!

Reinn Gunnarson had heard rumors about a blood thirsty draugr terrorizing the surrounding villages. When it took his nephew, he had no choice but to gather some men and follow the creature to its lair knowing they would never return. Mortally wounded, Reinn faced death with visions of his new life in Valhalla only to awaken later to find the gods had cursed him to the same fate as the creature he had fought so hard to destroy. As a draugr, Reinn could not return to his village. To keep the humans safe, he isolated himself inside the creature’s castle. This had worked well for over 1000 years until one rainy night when Kylee Shanon, a stubborn, foul mouthed woman knocked on his door looking for help, unaware of the danger she was in.

After escaping Raith Macrae and his team in San Francisco, Christopher Collins set up shop in a new location in Europe. A mistake by his men led to the discovery of a legendary draugr. Collins had heard the stories of how the draugrs were hunted to extinction by the Díon because it was too dangerous to allow even one to exist; but if he could control it, he could use it to kill Raith and bring Mari Lucas back to his side where she belonged.

When Reinn is forced to carry out Collins’s plan, an odd twist of fate gives Raith the chance to catch Collins while keeping Mari and his team safe. To do this; he will have to trust Reinn, a draugr. The type of creature Raith had been created to kill.


  1. Hi, Michelle. Everything about this is good. The cover rocks and the blurb sounds very intriguing. I'll have to free up some time and check this series out. Well done, my friend. Congratulations and best wishes...
    Ooh! Will there be autographed copies available in Dallas?? ;)


    1. Thank you Jimmy! I'm so excited :D Thank you for the well wishes, and I'm definitely bringing some to Dallas. I figure we can make a trade ;)